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Does the law create borders for the development of entrepreneurship? How did the legal instruments evolve after 1989, during the thirty years of experience of the shaping of the Polish economy - during the political and economic breakthrough of our country? Has is created and now create conditions for an efficient mechanism for financing innovative activity? What attitudes and conditions are setting today, and maybe they should set the future of the economy and the enterprises operating in it? These are just a few of the many questions that the authors answer. They boldly identify and analyze the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. They refer to issues not only recognized by science but also by all of us. They present threads that they consider to be crucial from the point of view of further harmonious development of the economic sphere integrally coherent with the sphere of formal institutions (legal sphere), mediation between people. They inspire to act because they recognize that the identified conditions of entrepreneurship and the process of creating innovation, although similar to gravitational force (they are ubiquitous, predictable), are not as strong as it may seem.


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    Anna Gardocka-Jałowiec, Teresa Mróz, Katarzyna Wi

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    17x24 cm

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